Sticker Collaborations

(edition of 100)


Two weeks ago, I was tinkering with ideas on how to keep this really important movement going on my end.

I thought an accessible and affordable project could be fun.

Stickers are accessible and affordable.

So I reached out to six amazing and prolific Chicago-based artists:

Kayla Mahaffey, Vivian Le, Bodyruiner, Jeff Pak, Isamar Medina, and Langston Allston,

on using our skill sets, talents, and platform to create something. 


I told them that we’re not gonna make any money from this project. Instead, the proceeds from whatever we make will all be going to My Block, My Hood, My City. Unsurprisingly, they were all more than down for this.

I think that’s why we were able to hustle and produce this lowkey ambitious project out in 12 short days.


Anyways, thank you for reading that little preface. 

Now if you’re interested in pre-ordering this limited sticker set,


1. Click on the preorder button on the bottom of this page

2. Explore MBMHMC’s website and see what amazing things this organization has been doing

3. When you land on the donation page, donate the amount of $40.00 and email the screenshot of your contribution to


In your email, please write out your name and address for where you want your set mailed to

(and if you wanna write a fun or kind message as well, go for it!)



I’ll respond back with a confirmation and I’ll def keep you posted to when they arrive!

Thank you so much for vibing with this project and continuing to maintain this momentum with us ✨