in response to COVID-19


Everything has been so crazy lately.


At first, there were these little "woaaaah" moments when we read announcements of stuff getting postponed or cancelled (like remember when it was announced that March Madness would be cancelled?? Everyone was losing their shit over that.) 

But after a while though, that became the norm. Everything started shutting down left and right after that. Now, a couple of months later, it's just expected that nothing will "happen."


Unfortunately, the future feels like there's no concreteness to it now. The world seems a little bit more scary. We don't know what to expect anymore nor do we know how things will be like post-COVID.


One thing I know, for sure, is that I don't want this pandemic to fully wipe out any creative communities. I'm confident that businesses can be restored but I'm not so sure about artists. There's a lot of artists that are stressing and anxious about their future. Because EVERYTHING that they were working towards (shows, projects, commissions, etc.) has been cancelled due to this pandemic.

My fear is that not only has this become a huge blow emotionally and financially but also to each artist's morale.

I don't want anyone to feel like they can't make it during these tough times. 

I know I'm just one dude that makes art 👋🏼✨ But I'm still gonna keep trying my best to rack my brain towards figuring out the best ways to support the arts through all this! Because without a community, it's gonna be really hard for us any to thrive. If you're also an artist and having a hard day, I hope you can take a moment and take comfort in knowing you're not alone. We're all going through this and adapting together.


Anyways, I hope you can continue to find solace in creating and to always make space for yourself towards staying somewhat positive through all this too.

So in efforts to keep supporting artists, I've partnered with Jemi 

Jemi is a new creator platform that allows me to interact with you guys on a more personal level - to give advice, answer questions, or just anything!

Using Jemi as a platform, I was able to customize their creator tools into these three options that I thought would be one of the better ways I can help contribute to artists during these tough times.

100% of the proceeds from this will be donated to artist relief funds.

If these donation options interest you, feel free to click on the "DONATE" box below ✨