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David Heo, born in Acworth, Georgia, currently resides and creates in the artistic hub of Chicago, Illinois. Holding an MFA from the distinguished School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Heo's creative journey is marked by a compelling exploration of diverse artistic forms.

As a Chicago-based artist, Heo's portfolio defies conventional categorization, encompassing an array of artistic genres. His mediums includes expansive large-scale paintings, intricate works on paper, mural paintings, and collaborations with brands. Heo's artistic process is characterized by his adept utilization of elemental materials, such as, paper collage, and crayon, resulting in a visually captivating interplay of layered textures.


Heo's expression is an intimate dance between abstraction and biography, where he masterfully navigates the intersection of his Eastern and Western lived experiences. This synthesis gives rise to artwork that transcends boundaries and resonates with viewers on a profound level.


Noteworthy solo exhibitions punctuate Heo's artistic trajectory, with displays at esteemed venues including Hashimoto Contemporary, New York (2023); The Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Grand Rapids (2023); Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco (2022); Vertical Gallery, Chicago (2021); and Tchotchke Gallery, New York (2021). Heo's creative footprint extends to esteemed group exhibitions, with his art gracing spaces like The Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago (2022); Half Gallery, Los Angeles (2022); Unit London, London (2020); and Abigail Ogilvy Gallery, Boston (2020).


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